Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published March 2011.

Web Exclusive: We Do What We Need to Do to Heal

What can an alternate delegate do when they aren’t elected to be the delegate? One member who’s been there has an idea.

"What happens to the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the past two years?"

This is an election year within the AA regional areas, and there is joy and accomplishment for the alternates that are voted in as delegates. They will be seeing their new-found friends, which they have met at the regional forums, and delegate’s meetings, and all the knowledge and experience they have received during this two-year term is now going to be tested as their area’s chosen delegate. There is excitement and apprehension, mixed with a little fear of facing their new duties.

What about the alternates that will not be moving on to the delegate position? No doubt there is sadness that their counterparts are moving on without them. They will not be able to share the delegate experience with these new friends, and no matter how much they keep in touch, there will be something forever missing from these friendships.

-- Cecilia A.

Area 85

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