From the March 2011 magazine.

Into the World

She once never left her house. Now she enjoys helping AA everywhere she can

At the end of my drinking, my world pretty much consisted of my bed and the kitchen table. Sure, I ventured out into that frightening world beyond my door—even made it to work many days—but usually only by promising myself a “reward” later if I managed to make it through another day. I staggered into Alcoholics Anonymous one day, not intending to stay or even wanting to get sober. This was simply the last stop before suicide, but at least then I would know I had tried everything else.

That was a few years ago, and like many others, my life has changed and expanded beyond anything I could ever have imagined, based on recovery, unity and service in varying measure. Over the years, I have become more active in service to Alcoholics Anonymous, and again I continue to reap unimagined rewards. A friend of mine says that recovery is in the Steps, unity in the Traditions, and service is in the concepts. These three sides of our triangle are equal, and if I shorten any one of them, I short-change my own recovery.

-- Linda C.

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