Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published March 2011.

Web Exclusive: Pass It Down

An AA shares how he learned about district service from good service sponsors.

"Together we can make this better that I alone can do!"

“I’m soooo confused,” I exclaimed to my fellow home group member, Alan W., as we drove back from our area assembly in Mantua, Ohio. Mantua may have been chosen for our area’s gathering because it was mutually inconvenient to the several larger cities around it, but I digress.

Alan called himself a DCM, which I came to learn stood for District Committee Member. It was part of the “alphabet soup” thrown at me at that gathering: GSR, DCM, PI, CPC and a variety of new terms like delegate and trustee. I was so completely lost! Alan referred me to that new book I’d received...

-- Bob M.

South Euclid, Ohio