From the February 2012 magazine.

February 2012: From Princess to Pickle

The marriage was going OK until the booze took her away

My husband and I will soon celebrate 47 years of marriage. I attribute this miracle to God’s grace and the Fellowship of AA.

The day we were married started as rainy and overcast. This did not dampen my enthusiasm to start our new life together. My concept of marriage was totally unrealistic. I was a 22-year-old budding alcoholic with fairytale notions about life and serious co-dependency issues. I had believed the stories of my youth, of princesses and princes living “happily ever after.” I had no interest in the women’s magazines that warned that relationships included baggage from the past that would have to be dealt with. It was a dangerous combination of not knowing much about life but being convinced I did (arrogance). I had three years of college but no degree because my focus was to party (a euphemism for drinking). My parents came to an event in my third year of classes and asked to see the library. I was embarrassed to tell them I didn’t know where it was. This, from a girl who had loved books as a youth.

-- Joan L.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

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