Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published January 2012.

Changing the Scenery

A newcomer learns that sobriety is an internal journey

I grew up in a good home. My father was an alcoholic and I swore I would never be like him. I was closer to my mom. My father was never affectionate or loving towards me or my siblings.

I got pregnant at 15 and married. I divorced 6 months later. I got into a relationship 3 years later and had 2 more children. Drinking was not yet a big part of my life. I left that relationship and meanwhile I was still working at a bank. I met my second husband of 10 years who was an alcoholic. I was so intrigued by him. He took me to places I've never been or seen. He wined and dined me. He was 10 years older than me. At first I was really happy and excited with my life.

-- Michelle B.


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