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Published January 2012.

Living To Die

Her alcoholism brought her to the brink of death in a bathtub one night

My road to recovery has taken me all over the place-through steep mountains and slippery passes, then onto the sandy beaches of the coastline. The weather has gotten stormy with loud thunderbolts, hard rain and windy gusts ready to sweep me away. I have felt lost, small and insignificant in this world of wonder and awe.

As I entered my teen years, my world completed fell apart and my innocence was shattered when I was sexually abused by a religious leader in our community. Survival became my primary focus. In order to function and get through all of the challenges of my day, I came to rely on alcohol and an eating disorder. I could handle anything that happened to me as long as I could later feel that warm burn down the back of my throat and then the ensuing numbing sensation that followed. Unfortunately, it worked so well that it became my way of life.

-- Roslynd K.


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