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Published February 2012.

Web Exclusive: Life is Good

A member reflects on her 28th anniversary

I used to love to cry. I never knew why melancholy appealed to me so much. Looking over my past yet another time, it all makes sense. But now the opposite is true. There is nothing better than a good belly laugh. It took my 28th year of sobriety to answer a lot of the questions I thought had no answers and the answers have come easy to me now. Life is good. Who would have thought that at 53 years of age I would finally turn in to the woman I dreamed of as a child?

I remember it as if it were yesterday as I watch my daughter getting ready for a night out. How fast the time has passed. The circle of life. I am my mother and my daughter is me. It’s the same thing, just different faces. I often think how smart that man upstairs is. He puts things together in such a clever way and when we are ready, the mystery becomes the final puzzle piece. I just want to glue it together quickly so I can hold on to this very fleeting time of gratitude and sadness and utter joy all in one big precious moment of time.

-- Francine H.

Staten Island, New York

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