From the March 2011 magazine.

God Never Gave Up on Me

A member tells how he found his way back to the religion of his childhood

Recently someone asked me if I believed in God. I smiled and said, “certainly,” however, it was not always so.  

I was born into a Roman Catholic family and attended parochial grammar and high school and a year and a half of a Catholic college. When I was old enough, I became an altar boy and had to master the Latin for the different types of masses that were celebrated at that time. In those days, there was also a great deal of majesty, pomp and mystery surrounding the mechanizations of the Catholic church. I don’t know if I was born an alcoholic or became one—nature vs. nurture. I do recall that at a very early age I experienced a great deal of mental anguish and convoluted thinking regarding my church, my God and how they fit into my life.

-- Tom D.

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