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March 2012: Screen Saver

A meeting in Australia uses technology to bring the world of AA into their room

I personally use various electronic communication applications to work with sponsees who have moved and want to continue to be sponsored by me. I myself have only ever had long-distance sponsorship. (While I believe local sponsorship is preferable, in my case, God seemed to have other ideas.) I have been able to work with people who have had little or no AA around them. My first encounter was with a chap in Nepal. The Internet at this time was still relatively slow, so this was difficult, but I believe it provided him with some hope. More recently I was able to take an Australian man through the Steps via Skype while he was living in Thailand. Many of us who have a keen interest in the Traditions and in general service have had monthly workshops using either Skype or Paltalk to study, discuss or share our experience. I am grateful to my former sponsor—a globetrotter with sponsees around the world—who used these Internet programs to hold regular meetings with his sponsees which enabled us to offer support and experience to each other. He encouraged me to do the same with my sponsees, some of whom were not in my local area.

As a member of a speaker meeting in Canberra, Australia, I recently had the privilege of being elected to the job of speaker booker. We have two meetings a week. On Saturday nights we have a 30-minute main speaker and on Tuesday nights we run a Steps and Traditions meeting with a 20-minute speaker. The group feels we have a responsibility to invite speakers who will inspire interest in service and recovery.

-- Ollie O.

Canberra, Australia

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