From the March 2011 magazine.

Time for Takeoff

A pilot shares the steps he takes to assure that his day has a smooth ride

I struggled with establishing a daily conscious contact with my Higher Power (God for me). As a pilot, I sought a tangible and mechanical way of practicing the spiritual each day. I was offered a few ideas in AA and Al-Anon. Five Alive is a technique for staying “God centered” each day—begin the day in prayer, reading Twelve Step material, talk with another alcoholic, go to a meeting, and end the day in prayer. This plan sounded good but did not completely work for me. I needed something more personal, something I could take ownership of, something that made absolute sense to me.  I turned to my life experience, specifically, flying to find my answer. It really works for me, so far. Maybe this can help you in your daily recovery journey.

I treat each day as a spiritual flight. I am the pilot. As a pilot, I follow a set of steps to insure a safe and successful flight. I never miss a step as this may lead to a problem later in the flying sequence.  For example, if I fly without doing a checklist, I may forget to turn on the fuel pump and, later in the flight, may stall the engine. I treat each day the same way, going through a series of spiritual steps that ultimately lead to my day being God-centered and healthy. I try earnestly to not miss a single step as it can lead to problems later in the day.  

-- Pete B.

Fort Worth, Texas

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