Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published February 2012.

Web Exclusive: The Bedrock of AA

A member wonders if the Traditions are given short shrift

I began my recovery journey in Cleveland a few 24 hours ago. Back then, we had meetings in which members read and discussed the Steps and Traditions. To me, it seems today that the Traditions have become some kind of dinosaur that we feel obliged to mention. Group Conscious meetings vote to agree to read just "the Tradition of the month." Is this because we are so pressed for time or because the Traditions are not that important?

The Traditions are the glue that hold our program together. They are to group recovery and conduct as the Steps are to individual recovery and conduct. Without the Traditions, we would rapidly devolve into a chaotic mess of individual wills and egos.

-- Deb A.

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