From the February 2012 magazine.

It Only Takes Two

When the meeting doesn't happen, two AAs are able to share their experience, strength and hope at a local diner

As a member of the Armed Forces I have had many opportunities during my career to face my fears out of necessity, deal with them and accomplish my duties with little regard for my own safety. However, dealing with the fact that I am an alcoholic and doing something about it shook me to my core. After nearly nine months of sobriety, and attending meetings of my home group, they have become just a part of my day—and maybe the best part. Due to my work, I am required to travel often, and until recently, I always chose to avoid attending meetings out of town for fear of seeing someone I know. That all ended in a way I least expected.

During my last trip, I planned in detail how and where I would attend a meeting. I worked with my sponsor, found a meeting that was less than four miles from my hotel and at a time that was perfect for my schedule.

-- Scott K.

San Antonio, Texas

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