From the March 2012 magazine.

Double Winners

An AA shares her experience of being in AA and Al-Anon

I am what we call a "double-winner." I began attending Al-Anon meetings in 1989 and six months later, as I watched my new friends heal and move forward in their lives, I realized something else was seriously wrong with me. I crawled into AA after persistent coaxing from friends and professionals. Over the past two decades I've become "bilingual" as I immersed myself in both programs.

It is from this vantage point, as someone equally committed to both AA and Al-Anon, that I am writing about the Big Book chapter, "To Wives." My AA home group recently read this is chapter—although several people walked out when they learned this would be the day's topic. I was chagrined by the reactions of the remaining group members, especially the women. People interpreted the reading as suggesting that spouses should be a doormat, walk on eggshells, and in every way, focus on understanding their alcoholic so as not to cause that person to slip.

-- Anonymous

Hastings, New York

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