From the March 2012 magazine.

Regarding the Preamble

A member reflects on the Preamble's description of AA's mission

Over the course of nearly a decade of active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous I have attended well over 2000 meetings. At the beginning of everyone of them I have heard the Preamble read aloud, often doing the reading myself. It is also reprinted inside the front cover of every issue of the Grapevine. That is hardly surprising since it was an editor of the Grapevine who penned it in the first place.

Clear, concise and to the point, the Preamble provides what I regard as a definitive description of what Alcoholics Anonymous is and is not. Of course the Traditions provide some useful amplification. But as a brief introduction to, and a regular reminder of our fellowship's singleness of purpose, I cannot imagine how the Preamble could possibly be improved upon.

-- Gregory H.

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