From the April 2012 magazine.

April 2012: Close Call in Barbados

The gulp she took was not club soda

Forty-two days after my first AA birthday, I was invited to go on vacation to Barbados with three non-alcoholic women friends. My sponsor thought it was a wonderful idea, especially since I was just recovering from my 1st anniversary blues, brought on by the discovery that, as hard as I tried, I still was not perfect after one whole year of sobriety!

My sponsor had taught me that AA was indeed worldwide and that I could find out from GSO where meetings were located and how AA contacts could be reached before I even left home. I did not make the effort before I left for Barbados, however. My HP was working nonetheless. When I arrived in Barbados and checked into the hotel, I began reading the “Visitors’ Guide” that was in the room. I was quite surprised to find that AA meetings were listed. I hadn’t yet learned that our Traditions refer to personal anonymity and not program anonymity. Anyway, I said, both to myself and to my social-drinking friends, that I would definitely get to an AA meeting. That was Tuesday.

-- Dorothy H.

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

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