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April 2012: He Carried His Flag for AA

In 1986, I was one of the organizers of the 50th Anniversary of AA in Brazil that would happen the following year. At that time I was also a Brazilian World Service Meeting (WSM) Delegate in my first participation in New York. I decided to take the opportunity to make a longer trip via Europe before the meeting, accompanied by my wife. We went to Austria and Hungary. I was carrying with me an AA contact phone number. Arriving in Budapest, I called the number, but the contact was not there. It was very hard to make myself understood during the call. All we wanted was an AA address. Finally we succeeded in getting the address, knowing that the contact would be at the meeting.

The group was in an old house. We rang the bell and were met by a Hungarian-speaking member. We showed our piece of paper with the name of the contact, and the fellow smiled, then took us into a large room and introduced us to him. He was an American with business in Hungary, who spent six months of the year there. He was very glad to meet us but said that the meeting was in Hungarian. It would be impossible for him to translate every share, but he would translate mine.

-- Guaracy M.

Petrópolis, Brazil

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