From the April 2012 magazine.

April 2012: Cleaning House

My dictionary defines the word “moral” as “right and wrong in behavior,” and “teaching a conception of right behavior.”

I was always able to define everyone else’s wrong behavior. Not until I walked into the rooms of AA was I aware that I needed to define my own moral behavior. What a revelation! I continued to take everyone’s inventory, with the exception of mine. AA’s Fourth Step helped me. It taught me to realize that in all my dealings with people, I also had a part of every situation. Never did I realize that before. Even if someone else was 99% wrong, I, too, was responsible for my 1% in dealing with that situation. What an eye-opener. Until I found out this piece of information, I was usually playing the role of the victim, caretaker or controller. My thinking changed. The life I live now is so much easier. I have peace that I never experienced before coming to the rooms of AA. I am also grateful that I do not have to do this all alone. The help of my sponsor, the rooms of AA and God have given me much joy. And to know that I am not alone makes this cleaning house so much easier.

-- Patricia B.

Tucson, Arizona

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