From the April 2012 magazine.

April 2012: The Story of the Red Dress

She wanted a dress. He wanted her. But what they got was much better.

In 1994, I came back to AA after a very angry six-year drunk. I could say it was a slip, but that’s not what it was. Unless by slip one means “Sobriety Losing Its Priority.” If that’s what you call a slip, then so be it: I planned it, and I got drunk.

I had a problem when I came back to AA. My Higher Power had divorced me, and the “God of my understanding” and I weren’t talking. Worse than that, I knew from my 15 months of continuous sobriety years before that I was going to have to be responsible. My self-appointed “temporary” sponsor introduced himself to me at...

-- Scot S.

Crossville, Tennessee