From the March 2012 magazine.

It's a Wonderful Life

He went from being homeless, helpless and spiritless to having a loving family and home

I started down the slippery slope early in life. I gave up on God at about 7 years of age. That, I fear, was the beginning.

I had very few friends and was probably not liked or respected by most of them. I was a smart-alecky, stubborn, egotistical and self-absorbed person. I lied frequently. I was probably a prejudiced bigot. When alcohol came along, all of these traits multiplied ad-infinitum. I became a thief. At first it was small things and then I graduated quickly to larger things, like hearts and peoples feelings. I stole their self-esteem to bolster mine. At last I came to stealing other's property and money. I was wanted by the police, the FBI and the treasury dept. I quite jobs before I was fired. I was married and divorced twice with 4 children that I could not and did not support and whom I thought loathed me. Finally, I ended up on a sort of skid row; homeless, helpless and spiritless.

-- Murray M.

Ironwood, Michigan

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