From the March 2012 magazine.

Through the Woods

Her father's death during her first days of sobriety gave her the strength to keep going

I am realizing the more I give freely of myself in Alcoholics Anonymous, the more I am given. As I sat in my 7:30am home group today, a women walked in who is about two weeks sober. I greeted her and told her I was happy she was there. I invited her to go to breakfast with me, and she accepted. As we sat and talked we shared stories with each other about our addiction, and how it affected the people we loved. When we parted I knew today was the day I needed to set my father free.

He had passed away April 20, 2011 from cancer. At the time, I was 65 days sober, and I didn't have to drink. AA showed up for me. I asked a women who I have grown very close if she would go somewhere with me after the noon meeting.

-- Susan W.

Port Orange, Florida

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