From the April 2012 magazine.

Seven Miles High

Daily drinking on a dangerous road got him a DUI and an introduction to AA

For a long time before abstaining from booze, I recognized that I was an alcoholic. The question was what do you want to do about it. My answer at the time was, "Nothing." I preferred wallowing in my behavior. This went on for years. Finally, a DUI caused a pause in my behavior. The lull in my activity gave me time to think. Attending some mandatory AA meetings gave me a direction. Ultimately, I got some resolve and quit drinking. As far as I am concerned that was one of the best choices I have made lately.

I have been sober for two years. In that time, I have gotten a divorce and faced a number of crises. Life hasn't been a fairy tale and yet, I have not made it worse by drinking and doing something irrational. As a result, I would call the last two years a success.

-- Tom F.

Fort Bragg, California

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