From the May 2012 magazine.

May 2012: Because Frank Did It

Anybody who has been attending AA on a regular basis has observed the new people. Some show up dressed to the nines. Some arrive just before the meeting starts. Some come with a flourish. Some show up with an escort or two. The one thing they have in common is the unmistakable signs of the beaten. I have yet to misunderstand the sadness around the eyes or the slumped shoulders of those who have done battle with a power greater than themselves.

I remember the emptiness, the loneliness. I had nothing left. It was then, at my most vulnerable, that a man walked up and stuck out his hand. He said, “Hi, my name is Frank. Is this your first meeting?” I must have looked ready to bolt, because he then said, “Let’s get you some coffee and a seat.” I went with him like a robot. He gave me half a cup of coffee, and I thought, is he kidding? until I saw how badly my hand shook. How did he know? Was I that transparent? He sat next to me and exuded a confidence I once knew. All I could do was weep.

-- Dennie W.

Waukesha, Wisconsin

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