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Published May 2012.

Not This Time

In early sobriety, she came face to face with a liquor store and asked God to intervene

My drinking story began when at age five, I was sipping whiskey from my mom's glass. When I was 12, my parents divorced and my mom, brother and I moved to the small town of Concrete, Wash. Since mom was a single parent, it was easy roam the streets and pretty much do what I wanted. One Christmas Even, my friends and I broke into a police station and stole some things. Eventually we were arrested though given light sentences as juveniles. However, only a short time later, I got my first DUI. I was only 16 years old. During my senior year, moonshine was found in my locker and I got into a load of new trouble.

I somehow graduated with the help of others who did my schoolwork. Off I went to college. I was kicked out in short order for drinking. I continued drinking heavily until when I was 23 years old, I was in a drunk driving accident in which two people were killed. As a result of that accident, I was sent to prison for nearly seven years.

-- Terri R.

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