From the June 2012 magazine.

June 2012: Cycle Buddies

A spur-of-the-moment trip to Akron with a few surprises was just the medicine this alcoholic needed

I sat in my home group meeting on Friday, June 11. I was on the slippery slope before the slippery slope. I was pondering the upcoming Sunday, my belly button birthday. I thought about this being my second birthday since my mom had died, and my fourth since my brother died, and not having a girlfriend at that point in my life … and wah wah wah. I could sense that familiar dark cloak of depression approaching. As usual, my brain went to: ISOLATE. The plan started to form. I’ll get a couple of sappy, sad movies and spend all day Sunday watching them alone. I’ll have a first class pity...

-- David C.

Jonesborough, Tennessee