From the June 2012 magazine.

June 2012: Cycle Buddies

A spur-of-the-moment trip to Akron with a few surprises was just the medicine this alcoholic needed

I sat in my home group meeting on Friday, June 11. I was on the slippery slope before the slippery slope. I was pondering the upcoming Sunday, my belly button birthday. I thought about this being my second birthday since my mom had died, and my fourth since my brother died, and not having a girlfriend at that point in my life … and wah wah wah. I could sense that familiar dark cloak of depression approaching. As usual, my brain went to: ISOLATE. The plan started to form. I’ll get a couple of sappy, sad movies and spend all day Sunday watching them alone. I’ll have a first class pity party, I thought.

Friday morning is a literature meeting at The Eye Opener. We opened the meeting in the usual manner and turned the Big Book to “A Vision for You.” When we finished, I shared about my love of our program and of reading about the history of the early days of AA. But in usual fashion, I did not share anything about the approaching pity-filled Sunday on my horizon. One of our more seasoned members reminisced about his visits to Akron on Founders’ Day. He spoke of the large meeting on Saturday evening there and the motorcycle parade to Dr. Bob’s grave on Sunday morning. Then I heard a voice in my head say, Why don’t you ride your motorcycle to Akron and be part of the Founders’ Day celebration instead of having your pity party? I did not know where this thought came from.

-- David C.

Jonesborough, Tennessee

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