From the June 2012 magazine. First printed in January 1951.

June 2012: Dr. Bob: A Tribute From Bill

"I gave him one bottle of beer. That was the last drink he ever took." -Bill W.

Illustration by Brent S. Courtesy of GSO Archives

Serenely remarking to his attendant, “I think this is it,” Dr. Bob passed out of our sight and hearing November sixteenth at noonday. So ended the consuming malady wherein he had so well shown us how high faith can rise over grievous distress. As he had lived, so he had died, supremely aware that in his Father’s House are many Mansions.

In all those he knew, memory was at floodtide. But who could really say what was thought and felt by the five thousand sick ones to whom he personally ministered and freely gave a physician’s care; who could possibly record the reflections of...

-- Bill W.