The June 2012 Grapevine is Here!

In this month's special section, we feature stories about Founders' Day

Every June, thousands of alcoholics and their families and friends descend on Akron to celebrate the anniversary of Dr. Bob’s last drink and the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s a fun-filled weekend of meetings, dances, bus tours, entertainment and fellowship—called Founders’ Day. We are happy to present our special Founders’ Day issue. Read more in the Editor's Letter.

"We explained to the man on the bed the nature of his malady and told him our own stories of drinking and recovery." —Bill W., "Dr. Bob: A Tribute," January 1951 Grapevine article

Special Section: Founders' Day Issue

Welcome to Akron!
We celebrate the early days of AA in Akron, Ohio

Cycle Buddies
A spur-of-the-moment trip to Akron with a few surprises was just the medicine this alcoholic needed

The Pilgrimage
A newcomer helps her friend take a fun ride through AA history

Precious Ink
His 1934 Royal reminds him of the words that saved millions

Dr. Bob: A Tribute From Bill
"I gave him one bottle of beer. That was the last drink he ever took." -Bill W.

Steps and Traditions

Calm, Cool, Collected
In Step Six, she realized good things would come with a little hard work

Big Dreams and Lofty Goals
An ambitious project led to the lesson of a lifetime

Our Personal Stories

A Fridge Full of Food
Gratitude is one thing she doesn't take for granted

Drunk Tank Awakening
Because he's been there, he's uniquely qualified to help others

She finally found out why she was unbalanced her whole life


The Coaster
The pastor had no idea what waited under his double cocktail

Spiritual Awakenings

Oh God, I Hope She Doesn't Find It!
The day a closet drinker hid his bottle in the wrong car

Into Action

The Greatest Friendship He Ever Had
An old-timer taught him the beauty of showing up and sharing love

Home Group

Good Neighbors
One group's move affects another and sends them on the road to an amends

In Every Issue

Dear Grapevine
At Wit's End
Alcoholism at Large