From the June 1948 magazine.

A.A.s Voice Opinions on Speaker Expense

Were Surprised

It seems unlikely that the group which voiced the problem of "Expenses for Speakers" is any more isolated than ours. Except for bus fare for one leader and a hotel room for another we have not had the problem since the group was formed. I believe that most A.A.s in this part of the country were equally surprised.

Because a cross-section of life is prevalent in our membership, different types of leaders are important to our meetings. For special occasions we like a colorful and interesting leader. If the person chosen by the hosts is one who devotes all of his time to A.A., certainly he is entitled to a fee as well as his expenses. Non-A.A.s should receive traveling expenses and either their hotel expenses or the hospitality of one of the members.

-- C.L.H.

Defiance, Ohio

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