From the July 1949 magazine.

The Pro's and Con's of A.A. Anniversaries

THE May Guest Editorial on personal anniversaries is a masterpiece, and voices the opinion of many of our members. In our locality these anniversaries are getting to be a public demonstration of someone's popularity and there seems to be a tendency to measure ones sobriety by the ability to put on a show to outdo the other fellow.

I attended a well advertised anniversary the other night, which under ordinary circumstances should have been a credit to the craft. The speakers were outstanding etc., but then a photographer started to shoot flash pictures, not only of the birthday child and the speakers but of the audience from every angle. One shot was flashed with the operator standing between the two A.A. signs, one of which reads Group So & So Alcoholics Anonymous. What a joke, any one there for the first time sure got a practical demonstration of our so called anonymity.

-- J.B.R.

N. Arlington, New Jersey

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