From the December 1949 magazine.

The Arena

In this corner, the ladies hair-pulling barred!

AT one of the first AA meetings that I attended with my husband I was touched by the way a lady member to whom we were introduced suddenly left her chair beside me and went to sit on the other side of my husband. I thought that she wanted to give him moral support, since he was a newcomer to the group. But since then she has avoided me as carefully as if I had leprosy, and I am forced to conclude that she simply doesn't want to have anything to do with a mere wife.

The fact that I am not an alcoholic myself seems to be an unforgivable fault in the eyes of the other lady members, as well. Sometimes I try to break down this barrier. Disengaging myself from my spouse at the coffee hour, I find some female on the edge of the crowd who looks lonesome. We get to talking. She tells me bits of her history to which I listen with breathless interest. Then we may discover that we have tastes in common, or even children near the same ages. And I think. . .we must invite her over to the house. . .maybe when I know her better we can go to a matinee together. . .she's had a tough time. . .she must need friends.

-- C.T.

Greenwich, Connecticut

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