From the December 1949 magazine.

The Arena

J.O. and H.S.--the last round

WHEN I read, "This Could Be Your Group," by H.S., my instinctive reaction was, "Oh! Oh! Somebody's ego's hurt," and "Somebody's feeling sorry for himself." However, remembering Live and Let Live, I resisted the temptation to write offering my condolences, particularly since some factual statements in his article made it clear that the locale of the gross "inhospitality" was not New York City (e.g., we do not phone for cabs here).

But now in the October issue of The A.A. Grapevine comes R.G.M. of Flint, Michigan (erroneously assuming that the Eastern City was New York) and throws several "dead cats" right on our doorstep! He is "disillusioned" by our brand of "inhospitality" and our "indifference and unconcern" towards visitors and our "plain bad manners" and he says he "felt like a suspicious character trying to chisel in on a smug private party."

-- J.A.D.

Manhattan, N.Y., New York

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