From the May 1958 magazine.

Pro and Con


Brief comments end excerpts from letters containing opinions pro and/or con specific items (including the Grapevine itself) will appear in this corner from time to time.

Re: the "Question and An Answer" [Pro and Con] in the Grass Roots section of the January issue of the Grapevine, I wish to put a word or two in as spokesman for our group. At a recent meeting we discussed having the Big Book, "Alcoholics Anonymous" in a fifty cent (not twenty-five cent) edition. We all felt it would be one of the greatest steps forward ever suggested. In smaller towns such as ours many people who need AA hesitate to ask for help. They know nothing about AA and have the foolish idea that to ask for help is a disgrace. They, as many of us used to feel, think it is no disgrace to stagger out of a gin-mill or they are still kidding themselves that no one knows it. If they saw the book on a rack full of paper backs for fifty cents they could buy it, hide it in a coat pocket and read it in secret. In that way they would be enlightened and the seed would be planted which might eventually bear fruit. We feel that the reduced profit on the Big Book would be more than met by the additional volume of sales derived from a fifty cent edition. At that price, any sponsor could afford to buy one as a gift to a new "baby."

-- A. F.

Norce, California

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