From the January 1959 magazine.

Pro and Con

We Never Had It So Good

WORDS cannot express the wonderful milestone the Grapevine has made with its first International Edition. For me it did a wonderful thing. When I received my copy of the October issue my first thoughts were, "This is going to be a dull issue and I don't know whether or not I will bother to read it"--but I picked it up and looked at it and then started to read.

Thank God I did for it sure opened my eyes to the terrific struggle and determination that these members of foreign lands must have had to get groups started and carry this message of life and hope there. I read with extreme interest--and it also made me realize that we in Canada and the United States have AA on a silver platter. Maybe that's why some slip off! We don't have to put ourselves out much to attend meetings in the more populated areas of these countries; we have good roads, automobiles and a meeting within a very few miles any and every night of the week. If we think we are doing something by starting a couple or so new groups just reading the International Issue of the Grapevine will sure take the wind out of our sails for we have conditions of the bestest while they have the toughest.

-- H. H. H.

Blenheim, Ontario

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