From the May 1959 magazine.

Pro and Con


Brief comments and excerpts from letters containing opinions pro and/or con specific items (including the Grapevine itself) will appear in this corner from time to time.

ALL of us give attention, affection and appreciation to those around us who do thoughtful things, but, being a school teacher of long standing--"and an AA member for twelve years," she cried joyfully--I know what usually reaches the ears concerning the daily job! But I would have you know of the tremendous joy and eagerness with which thousands await The Grapevine every month and of the feeling we all have that a friend has walked into the house when it arrives. It not only inspires, it illumines, for many a time an important truth which I know with my mind comes alive in my feeling by a word, phrase or sentence. Although I feel it, it isn't really mine.

-- E. A.

Brookline, Massachusetts

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