From the August 1995 magazine.

Your Move

Getting the Garbage Out

Responses from readers on the topic of "AA in Unexpected Places"

When Pete first came into our home group, fresh out of the last of many stints in prison, he introduced himself by saying, "I'm an alcoholic and they call me Big Pete." Those first few years, he would be better described as "Big, mean, and angry Pete." (That is not his real name.) We found out that in prison a few other words had been thrown in. He didn't have much schooling and barely knew how to read and write. He thought he'd never be able to get a decent job. As time went on he mellowed. The promises began to come true in his life. He married and took his new bride on their honeymoon to the last pen where he'd spent years in lock-up. (It's a tourist attraction now.) He did get a decent job, supervising a fleet of garbage trucks where he didn't have to know how to write. He could dictate. And he knew how to lead men. That brings us to our story. Last week he came in and told us more or less as follows:

-- Jim H.

Los Angeles, California

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