From the December 1996 magazine.

Your Move - Responses from Readers on the Topic of "Online AA" from the May 1996 Grapevine

The Only Requirement for Membership

I found your online article to be both informative and interesting. I'm currently not online, though perhaps in the future I'll have that opportunity. Do I feel excluded? Only in the sense that I do in not being able to attend a meeting in Akron, Ohio because I can't afford to travel that far; or in the sense that I can't attend a men's stag meeting because I'm a woman. As long as I have AA available to me where the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking and there are no dues or fees to pay, I'll be eternally grateful.

Face-to-face meetings have taught me to get out of self through active listening; how to think critically and concisely in the time I have available to share my experience, strength, and hope; how to socially interact again; and how not to prejudge someone by the way they look or speak (or what to do with that judgment once it's formed). After all, if I'm not patient, loving, and understanding offline, how can I expect to be online?

-- Kathie C.

Palmdale, California

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