From the December 1996 magazine.

Your Move - Responses from Readers on the Topic of "Online AA" from the May 1996 Grapevine

Lowering the Boiling Point

It is said, by some anyway, that when a person gets older he or she tends to get grumpier, crankier, and more prone to criticize. I guess I qualify. I'll be seventy-five tomorrow, thanks to my Higher Power, and have been sober in AA for more than thirty-four years, and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

When I received my May issue and began scanning it, I noted that there were twenty-two pages devoted to AA on the Internet. Isn't that a bit lopsided? I don't have a computer, don't need one, and don't want one. I will admit that quite possibly I could have used one to advantage several years ago in my business, but that was before they were perfected and also were completely out of my price range.

-- Fred S.

Jackson, Mississippi

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