From the December 1996 magazine.

Your Move - Responses from Readers on the Topic of "Online AA" from the May 1996 Grapevine

Hearing the Language of the Heart

I wanted to thank you for your special feature in the May Grapevine. I look to online meetings as another enhancement to my continual sobriety, but by no means are they replacements for face-to-face meetings.

But for me, being legally deaf and assisted by two hearing aids, online meetings can offer something I can't get in face-to-face meetings--namely, I don't worry about missing anything. At present I haven't learned American Sign Language, and my district has no signed meetings even if I did know it. Online meetings will allow me to fully understand another AA's experience, strength, and hope, and I don't have to worry about whether or not I heard it correctly.

-- Michael M.

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