From the December 1996 magazine.

Your Move - Responses from Readers on the Topic of "Online AA" from the May 1996 Grapevine

A Venture into "Soberspace

I'd like to congratulate you on your up-to-date article concerning online AA. I was hesitant to venture into "soberspace" until the Grapevine had somewhat checked it out first. I can say for the most part my experience has been good. I now participate in two e-mail groups that try hard to adhere to our principles and Traditions. I also visited some chat rooms and bulletin boards. My experience with chat rooms was just that--there was a lot of chit-chat, more like an Alano Club atmosphere than an AA meeting. As for bulletin boards, I experienced being blocked out of one and censored for speaking up about the Big Book and the Twelve Traditions. In other words, if someone doesn't like what you're saying, he can "block" you from entering that forum.

So obviously it's going to be a lot of trial and error for now. As usual the outcome is in God's hands, thank God.

-- Jim D.

Sacramento, California

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