From the August 1998 magazine.

Your Move

Been There. . .

Responses from readers concerning the article in the January 1998 issue: "Meetings, Meetings, Meetings?"

I came back to AA meetings twenty-one months ago after not going to any meetings for nine years. I stayed sober the entire time and life was good for about the first four and a half years. I guess that happened because I had cleared away the wreckage of the past by using the Twelve Steps of AA. I was using the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Steps to live and deal with life in sobriety. But eventually I started to hold on to resentments and began living in my character defects. I also stopped talking with my sponsor and my friends in AA. My sponsor tried to turn me around but had to let me go because I refused to listen. After months of living this way, I began to feel cut off from God and the AA program. So after seven years of sobriety, I left with the feeling that I no longer belonged in AA.

-- Rege F.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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