From the September 1999 magazine.

Your Move

When in Rome


Responses from readers to the February and May 1999 issues on the topic of using the Lord's Prayer at AA meetings.

The "spiritual angle" of the program came hard to me. I was a diehard atheist, and when I first saw the word "God" at an AA meeting, I was almost out of my seat. At that time, I had a strong resentment against the religion of my childhood. Fortunately, no one in AA pressured me to choose a particular conception of God; I would have chosen death by alcoholism instead. I simply could not accept a life based on spiritual principles through the medium of religion, but through AA's Twelve Steps I could. Encouraged by the words, "whether we agree with a particular approach or concept seems to make little difference" (page 50 of the Big Book), I worked the Twelve Steps as best I could. By the time I got to Step Twelve, I was no longer an atheist; I had acquired a faith in a power greater than myself. I have been sober in AA since August 29, 1993.

-- Anonymous


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