From the September 1999 magazine.

Your Move

Keep on rockin'


Responses from readers to the February and May 1999 issues on the topic of using the Lord's Prayer at AA meetings.

I am always glad to get the Grapevine in the mail. I open it quickly and enjoy every bit of it. I'm even grateful for the articles that get me upset because in these articles I find something in myself that needs work. The article "How Others See Us" was a case in point. Being a Christian, I immediately took offense at someone not wanting to say the Lord's Prayer. I thought to myself, "This is what I got sober with, and it meant a lot to me to hear it at the end of a meeting." But after much thought, I decided that the author of the article is both right and wrong, in my opinion (which is all I have).

-- Darek H.

Hightstown, New Jersey

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