From the December 1999 magazine.

Your Move

The hope of a brighter future


Responses from readers to the question, "Where do you intend to be on New Year's Eve?"

As the clock strikes midnight to mark the beginning of a new millennium, I'll be sitting in my prison cell and wishing I could be in the free world, celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime event. At the same time I will be grateful to be alive to witness the turn of the century and thankful to have made it to the Fellowship of AA. I will realize that I could be sitting in my cell with no hope or thought of a brighter future. After serving eleven years in prison, I know the year 2000 means that I'm one-and-a-half years from my release date, a release date I look forward to because this time I believe I can make it in a world that I rejected and which in turn rejected me. I look forward to my reinstatement as a member of society. This time I hope to be a useful, happy, sane, and sober member.

-- Pat S.

Dixon, Illinois

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