From the December 1999 magazine.

Your Move

Straight up


Responses from readers to the question, "Where do you intend to be on New Year's Eve?"

When I came to AA, I'd lost my wife, children, most of my family and friends, a job, sanity, self-respect, and I was within a trigger-pull of losing my life. My sponsor told me that since I drank straight out of the bottle, I should work the program straight out of the Big Book, exactly as it was written. The first holidays came and I was so lonely and desperate to stay sober that I did what the Big Book said and went on Twelfth Step calls. It's been almost twenty-four years, and my last Twelfth Step call was yesterday and my next one is in about an hour. And that's where I hope to be on New Year's Eve 1999--working with another alcoholic in order to stay sober myself, just like the Big Book says.

-- Anonymous

Canaan, New York

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