From the June 2000 magazine.

Your Move

Aggressive attraction


Responses from readers to the December 1999 Editor's Note regarding declining circulation and the Grapevine's financial picture for the year 2000.

As a person whose first Grapevine was November 1956 and who hasn't missed an issue since, it would be difficult for me to over-emphasize my enthusiasm for this really great publication, and it disturbs me to think about what could happen if the decline in distribution continues. I know many who get the Grapevine each month, but as I was asking around recently, I was surprised to find so many people who don't get it, some who used to get it but have quit, and more who don't even know what the Grapevine is. I ran into several proposals for the decline in the Grapevine's circulation, including the decreasing popularity of printed magazines because of the easy access to recovery groups "online." Another favorite one: "it costs too much," so let me express something here in that regard. One could easily buy a copy of the Grapevine every month by doing one of three things: give up a three cups of coffee each month, three cans of pop, or one pack of cigarettes.

-- Pinky H.

London, Ontario

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