From the October 2000 magazine.

Your Move



Responses from readers to the special section in the May 2000 Grapevine titled, "Is AA for Everyone?"

I was particularly interested in Gabby H.'s story, "Alone Among Many." Many years ago one of AA's Jewish members, whom we'll call "Sid," became friends with an AA brother who had immigrated from Germany and ran a garage specializing in Volkswagens. The Jewish member, new to the program, attended an AA luncheon group and said to his German friend, whom we'll call "Hans": "You know, I'm Jewish." "Ja, is that so?" said Hans, busily eating away in the European two-handed way. "Yes," said Sid, "and Jews are almost never alcoholics." "Oh?" said Hans, chewing away, "That's interesting." "So," said Sid, "maybe I'm not alcoholic." Hans looked up briefly and said, "Ja, and maybe you're not Jewish!" Over the years, it was one of Sid's favorite stories.

-- Taylor C.

Antwerp, Belgium

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