From the April 2003 magazine.

Your Move

You took a position

Readers comment on the September 2002 AA Grapevine

I am surprised by the editor's note on page eight in the December 2002 Grapevine stating, "The consensus was that the September 2002 AA Grapevine took no position on outside issues." I would like to remind the editorial staff that the selection and placement of any article in any publication requires taking a position. If there was no position taken, then the September issue would not have a theme relating to an outside issue. It had that theme; therefore, you took the position that this event was important. The only way you could say you didn't take a position would be if you didn't develop that theme. Then the issue would be similar to any other. This one was different. I'm curious if any other issue has ever focused on an outside event like this one did, or if you plan more. Why? Or, why not?

-- Peter W.

Portland, Oregon

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