From the March 2004 magazine.

AA Grapevine Readers Respond to "Is AA Just for Christians?" Published in the October 2003 Issue

Let it be

Our Third Tradition says, and our practice from the earliest days of our Fellowship shows, openness, tolerance, and acceptance to people of all faiths--and no faith--all over the world. The Our Father does not support or endorse Christianity, nor does it deify Jesus anymore than the Serenity Prayer endorses the theology of Reinhold Niebuhr. They simply suggest good truths and concepts that we incorporate into our lives as we seek to walk on a spiritual pathway. If the words of these prayers are not helpful, like the God of your understanding, you are free to find alternatives. I would simply ask, for those of us over the decades who have found comfort, serenity, and, as a result, sobriety in and through the prayers, that you let them be.

-- Bob P.

Sanford, Florida

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