From the March 2004 magazine.

AA Grapevine Readers Respond to "Is AA Just for Christians?" Published in the October 2003 Issue

Time to take stock

"Is AA Just for Christians?" persuaded me to seek a group conscience about the matter in my home group. I neither was raised in, nor presently attend, a Christian-based church. But the recitation of the Lord's Prayer while holding hands has provided comfort and an affirmation of community for me. Since the beginning, I've construed the language as symbolic and inclusive of broad interpretation. Reading that both the language and source of the prayer present barriers to new and longer-term AA members, however, gives me pause for reflection. Above all, I want and am responsible for the hand of AA being there "When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help." That means I must be willing to inventory my behavior and choices in regard to how they affect others in and outside our Fellowship.

If the group conscience agrees, I will forgo the solace I find in the Lord's Prayer to ensure that others coming to my home group feel comfortable, included, and supported. My hope is that other groups will join this conversation. It seems a tiny personal sacrifice for so good and great a purpose.

-- Ernest S.

York, Maine

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