From the September 2004 magazine.

AA Grapevine Readers Respond to "Singleness of Purpose--what Are AAs Saying Today?" Featured in the May 2004 Issue

What's the big deal?

The writer of "Has Singleness of Purpose Become Narrowness of Purpose?" states that he came to AA "before singleness of purpose became a big deal." The principle of singleness of purpose is not new to AA. The reason it became a big deal in recent years is that increasing numbers of people with problems other than alcohol came to closed AA meetings, identified themselves as other than alcoholics, and talked about problems other than alcohol. The effect, understandably, was very divisive.

As alcoholics, nearly all of us have problems other than alcoholism. Singleness of purpose is not becoming, and never has been, narrowness of purpose. On the contrary, our single purpose is as keenly focused as ever, and as broadly all-inclusive as ever. Our membership includes all who suffer from alcoholism.

-- Bruce B.

Duluth, Minnesota

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