From the September 2004 magazine.

AA Grapevine Readers Respond to "Singleness of Purpose--what Are AAs Saying Today?" Featured in the May 2004 Issue

Changing times

I'm responding to several questions raised in the Editor's Note in the May 2004 issue: ". . . should all talk of drugs at an AA meeting be banned? Should there be a restriction as to how members can identify themselves at meetings? Is dual addiction an outside issue?" If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I believe that we would have to ban the Big Book.

In "Bill's Story," drinking both gin and sedative" is mentioned. In "Doctor Bob's Nightmare," Dr Bob relates that he "would fill up on large doses of sedatives to quiet the jitters." In fact, he mentions "taking large doses of sedatives" as a routine that went on with few interruptions for seventeen years.

-- John W.

Clinton, South Carolina

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